Our Story

NovaBleep is a software designed to tackle inefficiencies within the NHS:

  1. Inefficiencies in communication

  2. The fragmentation of healthcare records

  3. The difficulty in the stratification of data for research and improvement

It has been designed by doctors for doctors, to tackle the communication challenges faced by our healthcare professionals everyday. Our team are passionate about making it easier for clinicians to communicate concerns about patients, tasks that need completion and emergencies that require attention. Our solution aims to increase clinician time, reduce staff stress and improve patient outcomes.


NovaBleep is a secure mobile and desktop application designed with innovative features including:

  • Internal and external directory

  • Secure two-way communication

  • Photo and document sharing

  • Sent, delivered and read receipts

  • The ability to 'bleep' somebody with a certain task

  • The stratification of tasks by specific patients, severity level and category of bleep

Internal and external directories replace the need to remember numbers and contact switchboard!

Instant messaging makes it easy to share photos and documents quickly to collaborate with colleagues!

Our availability, on-call and do-not-disturb features means urgent messages are always delivered to available users!

Respond to bleeps directly from your phone. Severity levels enable quick prioritisation of tasks!

Integration with healthcare systems will allow healthcare professionals to:

  • Pull relevant data from the hospital records to include in your bleep

  • Upload the bleeps to the records of their corresponding patients

  • Pull data from one's healthcare records on one system, and transfer into their healthcare records on another system

Our stratification of data will:

  • Enable the extraction of anonymous data for medical research

  • Allow one to train AI models to respond to common bleeps